Rigid Installation

Gallen Insulation supply rigid insulation from Kingspan.  Kingspan Insulation are foil-faced Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board. 

The PIR board is formed by a continuous foaming process which gives the board its tight cell structure and bonds the facing to the foam. After foaming the boards are cut to size and left to cure.

All boards are foam filled to different thicknesses, faced with foil to suit each individual application.

Dry Lining Walls

Gallen Insulation can provide Dry Lining Boards from  Kingspan . These boards are used to improve overall building insulation by internally insulating walls, and can be applied to new and existing homes.

Kingspan floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

Gallen Insulation provide a full range of floor insulation products, ranging from 25mm upwards. Floor insulation can be a key component in making any home efficient, and is often overlooked.


Roof Insulation

We can also provide a full range of rigid roof insulation products, from suppliers including Kinspan  and Aerobord.

Installing cavity Wall Insulation

Installation Services

Gallen Insulation can also supply a fitting service to ensure your insulation products are installed in the correct manner, giving your home the maximum level of insulation.

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