Air Tightness

Gallen Insulation can now introduce our newest product, Vario – Smart Vapour Barrier. This airtight membrane changes its permeability with the ambient humidity conditions allowing closed building envelope systems to increase their drying potential during seasonal climate changes, or after minor water intrusion

Vario from Isover is the most advanced airtightness and moisture management system on the market today.  It is a membrane as intelligent as human skin – altering its structure according to relative humidity

The Vario System keeps heat in while it keeps draughts out. It is a truly exceptional product that exceeds all industry standards.

Vario facilitates the drying of the building structure while delivering superior levels of airtightness within the building envelope. It has an excellent variable Sd value, diffusing 25 times more moisture in summer than a structure absorbs in winter, a really outstanding performance to a degree that not only meets, but exceeds industry standards.

Vario Smart Vapour Barrier can create an air-tight shell around your building envelope, preventing any unwanted air leaks or draughts from penetrating.

Vario helps prevent mould and mildew growth by reducing the potential for moisture accumulation

Vapour retarders have been used for decades to protect wooden materials in roofs and walls from moisture damage by minimising the diffusion of moisture in areas where it can creates problems. Water vapour can move from outside in or inside out as it tries to move from areas of high vapour pressure to areas of lower vapour pressure. Insulated buildings need protection against moisture diffusion into the construction in order to keep water vapour from areas where it can condense.

However, when and if moisture does penetrate the construction, it can condense on cold surfaces and accumulate in the wall cavity. When enough moisture has accumulated, moisture damage can result.

These problems include mould, mildew and rot. Unlike traditional vapour retarders, Vario increases it permeability when relative humidity increases allowing moisture to pass through it. Vario technology will revolutionise your thinking about vapour retarders and set your mind at ease with regard to moisture related problems.

Installation Services

Our trained team of installers can fit Isover Vario to the highest standards. Contact us today for more information.

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