Acoustic Insulation Calibel

Calibel is an insulating material made up of a thick base of glasswool assuring excellent thermal, acoustic and mechanical insulation, onto which is stuck a plaster slab.

Calibel is designed to sound insulate party wall constructions for both residential and commercial buildings. Very quickly installed by adhesion to walls, it is equally possible to apply using battens. Furthermore, Calibel adapts to all kinds of applications by just modifying the plaster slab.

In the home, there are three different types of noise, airborne noise (TV, Hi-Fi), impact noise (footsteps) and appliance noise (boilers, washing machines). These noises can be transmitted in two different ways, through partitions separating two rooms (this is direct transmission) or through lateral partitions bordering two rooms, this is indirect or lateral transmission. The level of soundproofing (and therefore of comfort) of an area depends on its insulation against direct and indirect transmissions (see sketch below).

Calibel effectively combats direct or indirect transmissions; its use therefore recommended for insulating walls separating two dwellings, staircases and liftshafts as well as facade walls.

Acoustic Roll

Moy Isover Acoustic Rolls are lightweight glasswool rolls. They are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. They are suitable for thermal, acoustic insulation and fire resistance in walls and roof spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Moy Acoustic Rolls are widely used for noise control purposes in a variety of applications as its lightweight, fire-safe and robust nature is combined with highly efficient sound absorption.

Installation Services

Gallen Insulation can provide installation services on all our products.

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